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This Year, Christmas Came Early

Last Wednesday’s wind that toppled a tractor trailer tormented me with flying debris while I stood pumping gasoline into my car.

I said to myself - hurry!

Later, I retraced my steps. Did I remember pushing the credit card back into my pants pocket?

I slipped my hand in. Nothing,

I blurted out a profanity. I ticked off a list of next steps - cancel the card? Pay the

cancellation fee? I drowned myself in self-blame - why am I so impatient? So forgetful?

Get a grip. Go back to the gas station. Speak to the cashier.

“I was on pump five. Has anyone turned in a missing credit card?”

She rifled through a drawer. “Nope”

As I stood facing the employee, a voice behind me broke the silence.

“This was laying on the pavement”

I turned around. A bearded twenty something held a piece of plastic in his fingers.

The stranger said, “You’re Peter Luckey! I know you; you're the Pastor. I'm Aaron. You helped me”

I wanted to hug him. Instead, I reached for my wallet. “Here” I said, “take some cash”

“No” he said, “not necessary.”

I squeezed a ten into his hand, “Give it away. You made my day”

Here is what I learned: my blunder in the wind turned into an opportunity to

receive a gift, the gift of the person in front of me - Aaron. This year, Christmas came early.

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