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Monkey Brain

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

By Peter A. Luckey

"Still in my dream I cave into monkey brain."

I recently had a dream. I'm sitting among colleagues. Conference tables are scattered throughout the room; important people everywhere. Suddenly I learn that I have just been appointed to a prestigious position. I'm elated. Luckey, you nailed it!

I'm handed a bible and asked to read it aloud. I look at the words. I panic. I don’t

have a clue how to pronounce them. I stumble. I freeze up. I stumble more.

Afterwards, an older man sidles up to me: "You are not A-level material. I can

tell. You shouldn't have been awarded the position."

Still in my dream I cave into monkey brain. “He’s right” I tell myself.

Wide awake or in my deepest sleep, monkey brain taunts me: "Not good enough!

Not good enough!"

Monkey brain looks for proof that this is true. I remember years ago when I volunteered for a congressman, I wanted to impress. “Look, I work on the Hill!” One day a legislative assistants pivoted in her chair, and looked me in the eye. "Peter, I can see you are really trying. But you are not cut out for this job." I was devastated. And yet, I will never forget how my Uncle Pete, with whom I was living at the time, encouraged me, "Pete, you'll find a job" he said, "keep knocking on doors" So, I did just that and I found a position that launched me into a new career.

Do you have a monkey brain that won’t let you let go of bad memories and

nightmarish dreams? Does it keep you from getting what you really want?

Maybe it’s time to give that primate the boot. Like my Uncle Pete was for me, a coach can help you talk through these feelings and find ways to let those fears go. If you're struggling with something similar, or need someone to talk to, reach out and let's chat.

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