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Have you ever tossed and turned at night over a decision that weighed on your mind? Have you ever thought, “if only I had someone that would really listen, someone with whom I could talk things through”? If your answer is yes, having a coach may be just what you need. My name is Peter Luckey. I am a coach. My goal is to help you discover in yourself the results you want.


I have completed my training for the Level 2 Professional Coaching Credential and I am preparing to be certified in the PCC Credential through the International Coaching Federation.

After forty years of being a parish pastor, I recently retired from 24 years of being the lead pastor at Plymouth Congregational Church (United Church of Christ) in Lawrence, Kansas. That role has prepared me well for being a coach. Empathy, deep listening, encouraging and empowering are skills that I bring to every coaching relationship.


My coaching practice does not aim to fix people, but rather, through careful listening and asking powerful questions, I help people discover the answers within themselves and then take action steps. During my 40 plus years of being a local church pastor I have had the privilege of being a listening ear for people from all walks of life. I have seen time and time again how talking things out in a safe place can be a game changer in a person’s life.


My life mission has been to help people and communities realize their full potential by seeing and owning and claiming their gifts. I would welcome the opportunity to be your coach. I will soon celebrate 41 years of being together with my partner, Linda. I have two adult sons and now two granddaughters.  I live in Lawrence, Kansas. 


Getting Started


First, simply submit a contact form below to get started. I will follow up with you within a few days.

Second, I will set up a time to visit on the phone with you about what our coaching will look like.


Third, we will schedule an initial coaching session without charge. so that you get a sense of what coaching is all about and whether this is something you want to do.


Fourth, I will send you a welcome letter, and a contract that you will sign and return to me. I will also send you a narrative goal statement to fill out that tells me a little about yourself and what you want to work on. In addition, I will send you a Code of Ethics from the International Coaching Federation that I am obligated to abide by.


After our initial session if you choose to continue, we will set up a time that is suitable for both of us. I generally recommend a one-hour session biweekly.


Fee is negotiable.


"Peter has been a tremendous help to me during a time of keen reflection and discernment. His input is always constructive and creative. He listens actively, and has been a kind and welcome voice as I work to make some significant life decisions. It's nice to be supported, and Peter is supportive.


But what is really useful is that, in his help and support, he works to encourage me to be more organized as I make plans and decisions. The end result is that I do feel better, but that I also have a plan, an idea, of what I can do to get where I need to be. I'm not just encouraged, but empowered."

- Jeff P.


"My coaching sessions with Peter have been affirming and insightful. As a coach, Peter reflects back to me my own dreams and dilemmas, but reordered and prioritized around possibility and personal fulfillment. 


It's very helpful to have dialogue around my hopes to help me identify my fears and how to defeat the things that hold me back, and Peter will help you with those challenges too."   

- Jessica P.

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